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Resetting Headstones

  • Make sure that all parts are secured and stable. You will probably need to move the stone to a sturdy table to have enough room to work. 
  • The base must be stabilized and leveled before resetting. 
  • Remove any corroded pins. You can remove the pins with a pair of vise- grip pliers. If this doesn’t work then you may need to drill out the pins using an electric angle grinder or drill fitted with a masonry coring bit. Make sure that the size of the coring bit is close to the size of the original hole. Do this to both the base and the headstone. 
  • Any old mortar needs to be removed. This will be done with a hammer and chisel. This procedure will need to be done to both the base and headstone. 
  • It is advisable to consider cleaning the stone prior to resetting. Pay particular attention to the two surfaces that need to bond together during the resetting. 
  • Insert new pins made out of stainless steel all- thread that are slightly shorter and smaller than the hole. The new pins can be set with epoxy, setting compound, lime mortar, or packed in lead
  • Lay out a monument builders setting compound half an inch inside the edge of the base and place two thin lead spacers in the middle of the opposite sides of the stone. ! Place the stone back on the base and remove any excess setting compound. ! Any gaps left in the seam of the stone will need to be pointed with setting compound or lime mortar to prevent water intrusion. 

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